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Worldwide availability Airsoft T-Plugs

After receiving a lot of worldwide support regarding our initiative #PlayWithTPlugs, we are very proud to announce the next big milestone: As of TODAY the official Airsoft T-Plug is worldwide available, for EVERYBODY!

Whether you are a manufacturer, a tech shop, a field owner or just handy with a soldering station. You can now easily enjoy affordable, quality T-Plugs which soon will be the industry standard for AEG’s, MOSFETs and Batteries within the Global Airsoft Industry. This guarantees 100% compatibility, 100% performance and NO more concerns regarding connectivity.

Thanks to our partner Titan, the Airsoft T-Plug can easily be ordered from China, USA and The Netherlands. NO MOQ, NO LEAD TIME! Just pick your nearest location!

Manufacturers interested, please get in touch via info@airsofttplug.com. Would like to check the tech specs? Download the tech spec-sheet here. More details on the UPS codes can be found here.

Let’s get as many T-Plugs in place as soon as possible. Cya Tamiya! 🙂

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