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Go T-Plugs and Drop Tamiya now! – #PlayWithTPlugs

We are airsofttplugs.com, a joint initiative from the well known Airsoft news website NLAIRSOFT.COM and Titan bringing the Li-Ion revolution to Airsoft. Our mission, switch the Airsoft industry to T-Plug connectors so all players benefit!

This idea has been around for over a year or more, lately at IWA 2019, this has openly discussed during the Airsoft Meetup Industry Panel. From there other manufacturers joined and talked about the need for T-Plug connectors.

We jointly decided to launch this campaign now! Why, because it will benefit the players and improve our beloved Airsoft sport. We also feel timing is right now! That’s why we will revolutionise the Airsoft industry and push the Airsoft T-Plug connector worldwide.

Our Mission

To enhance every Airsoft players game worldwide, by the widely introduction of the Airsoft T-Plug connector, making them available by default for every player.

Thank you!
Ronald Meeuwissen – NLAIRSOFT.COM