Airsoft T-Plug Initiative

T-Plug Benefits

T-Plug connectors feature less resistance and better conductivity, increasing performance and taking full advantage of higher performance parts and batteries. T-Plug connectors are also smaller, but provide a rigid, stable connection that will not wear out. Continue reading to learn more!


Brass metal coated by electrolytic deposition with gold.

Stainless Steel Springs

Leaf spring designed stainless steel electrical components provide a secure fit and greater electrical conductivity.

Nylon PA66 Housing

The versatility of nylon makes it one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics, creating a strong outer shell to the connector.


Agent guards against oxidation, improves conductivity and thus a cooler connection.

Low Resistance

Less opposition to the flow of electric current, the lower the resistance! The better the performance!

Smaller Footprint

Even less than half the size (48%) of a Mini-Tamiya connector, the T-Plug provides many benefits while maintaining a much smaller form factor.


From manufacturers and brands, to influencers and media, to distributors, dealers, and tech shops, our extensive list of supporters continues to grow as this movement reaches new audiences.

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Industry Quotes

Testimonials from Industry Professionals supporting the Airsoft T-Plug initiative.

  • “We are in a unique position to help here! We will create the Airsoft T-Plug connector to help this T-Plug initiative. A new standard within the Airsoft Industry helping all to make this adoption as

    Trent Clawson, CEO Titan

  • “Modify agreed to support your T-Plug Initiative! We promise you when our new AEG products are public on market, they will use T-Plugs, all of them! We also commit to your timeline and will change

    Modify Airsoft Logo

    Jane Liu, CEO MODIFY

  • “The Airsoft T-Plug, commonly referred to as Deans Plugs, has been the connector of choice among top level technicians for decades, due to the performance gains and space savings for high performance AEG builds. We

    Allen Lau – KRYTAC Product Manager