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Airsoft T-Plug Supplies

We solved the sourcing of quality T-Plug Connectors for Airsoft
During the setup of we campaign we wondered why Manufacturers didn’t switch to T-Plugs. One issue was to find a reliable source, with good prices and consistent quality. So this needed to be solved, to make switching easy also for Manufacturers. Addressing our problem by the source and enable them to ship their AEG’s of factory with quality T-Plugs.

We our proud to say we solved this issue by introducing our own Airsoft T-Plug. We partnered with Titan to launch our own Airsoft T-Plug and have a reliable partner to solve this issue. They open up their T-Plug supply to the rest of the Airsoft industry, using the same high quality they use on their T-Plug enabled batteries. Millions of these are produced the get the price really low and consistent. Titan commits to keep the price the same all throughout 2019, and slightly increase with max 3% inflation correction yearly. There will be no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and no lead time.

The Airsoft T-Plug is available for manufacturers, dealers, technicians, players, fields etc. Basically everybody. Our hope is that we all use the same connector so that we are confident that they are all compatible. Hopefully this resolves the concern of the connector and unifies the entire market under one standard!

Thank you Titan for stepping up!

Airsoft T-Plug 3D Render
Airsoft T-Plug 3D Render