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Why upgrade to T-Plug Connectors?

You are wondering why we prefer T-Plugs over the old Tamiya’s? How it can benefit you as an Airsoft player?

See our Deans fact list below:

  • Tamiya connectors are old, they are around since 1972.
  • T-Plug connectors feature less resistance, increasing performance.
  • T-Plug connectors help to take full advantage of higher performance parts and batteries.
  • T-Plug Connectors provide better conductivity.
  • Over time while using the Tamiya connectors they can get wobbly and difficult to connect. T-Plug Connectors don’t wear out.
  • T-Plug Connectors have more surface area that is nice and tightly packed together.
  • T-Plug Connectors can handle higher battery outputs.
  • An Airsoft replica typically runs at about 30 Amps. At this point a T-Plug Connector has 60% less resistance. See our graph below.
  • T-Plugs will last longer.  Decreases the chances of the connectors melting under high-load.
  • T-Plug Connectors are smaller compared to Tamiya connectors. Even less than half the size (48%) of a Mini-Tamiya connector. See our comparison below.
  • Also the RC world adopted T-Plugs in favour of Tamiya connectors. Already for years!
Deans compared to mini-tamiya. Real size comparison.
A regular T-Plug connector compared to a small Tamiya connector.
T-Plug vs Tamiya Resistance
T-Plug vs Tamiya Resistance

All these features and reasons make them ideal for all Airsoft players out there! Not just for the high-end Airsoft replica’s. It’s time to make the switch and be the change.