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This is awesome news, guess who is joining the Airsoft T-Plug Initiative? Welcome UMBRELLA ARMORY! #PlayWithTPlugs #CyaTamiya

For those who don’t know; Umbrella Armory’s roots stem from the mid 2000’s at SC Village (USA) when their group’s Airsoft guns started to fail and we grew tired of missing out on playing games because of it. Jordan, began spending his free time tinkering with an AGM M4, progressing to working on his friends guns, giving them reliable guns for the field. We discovered modifications and new parts with the help of experienced techs, local and online, to make our guns shoot faster, farther and more accurate than anyone else’s at the field. All while maintaining the highest standards of reliability. Soon, others wanted their guns to shoot like ours and we since go the extra mile for every customer. The brand Umbrella Armory was born!

What Umbrella does today?

  • Research and Development with others in the industry to push the boundaries of performance in Airsoft
  • Contribute our findings across the network of Airsoft tech communities
  • High end, custom Airsoft guns
  • Premium and exclusive aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Reliable and affordable repairs
  • Custom Airsoft gun upgrades
  • Professional customer support
  • Routine trips at local SoCal Airsoft fields                              

So why joining our initiative?

Umbrella Armory cares about performance in Airsoft. The connector is an integral part of performance. So joining the Airsoft T-Plug initiative was a no-brainer! Actually the first Airsoft T-plugs are already ordered and inbound!

Thanks for your support Jordan and Rowan!

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