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Phatco_customs loves Airsoft T-Plugs!

Ryan Dean aka PHATco_customs is very well known in the USA because of his high quality custom builds. PHATco Customs has been around since 2007. They build the most durable and reliable Airsoft guns they can with great range and accuracy, and awesome trigger response. The builds are centered around Military Simulation rifleman requirements: 385-400 FPS and Semi-Auto locked. So no high Rate of Fire (ROF) setups. Within just 3-4 week lead time he will custom make a masterpiece for you. You will find him on Facebook and Instagram…

Ryan recently showed some love for our Airsoft T-Plugs and the Airsoft T-Plug initative. Thanks for the support Ryan!

Check his instagram post below;

Time to solder some @gettitanpower deans connectors on some batteries…their deans or T-Connector is very well made. #phatcocustoms


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