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Jefftron supports the Airsoft T-Plug Initiative!

Another manufacturer joining our initiative, this time it’s Jefftron from the Czech Republic. World famous because of their Leviathan mosfets for Airsoft AEG’s! Stating on their Socials:

We fully support the Airsoft T-plug initiative to get all guns and batteries using just one suitable connector and that’s the Airsoft T-plug/Deans style. Now this T-plug is equipped with every Leviathan-V2! Other devices will come later.

T-Plug connectors have against mini Tamiya less resistance and better conductivity, increasing performance to take full advantage of higher performance parts and batteries. T-Plug connectors are also smaller than mini Tamiya, but provide a rigid, stable connection that will not wear out.

Filip Nemec – Jefftron
Airsoft T-Plug on the Leviathan V2!

So they will start with their new Leviathan V2 and soon their complete product line will use the Airsoft T-Plugs. Welcome on board guys and thank you for another step into industry standardisation! I hear happy players! 🙂

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