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Why the “Airsoft T-Plug”?

We get lots of questions about the Airsoft T-Plug- specifically “Why AT?”. We’ve already covered the reason why the industry is moving to adopt t-plug connectors (most commonly known as the Deans trademark), but we previously didn’t have literature on why our Airsoft T-Plug (AT). Please continue reading to find out why- and how you can help. 

1. A Successful Initiative

More than anything, we genuinely want to see the airsoft industry adopt a better connector. Tamiya is very outdated and factually worse in numerous ways than other options available, and T-Plugs, commonly referred to by a trademark name Deans, are fairly common and a very good plug.

When talking with other companies, we heard concerns over many topics-

  1. Price/cost (compared to Mini-Tamiya)
  2. Price consistency over time
  3. Availability and inflation
  4. Manufacturing quality and not all t-plugs created equally
  5. Minimum order quantity
  6. High shipping costs
  7. Quality concerns
  8. Competitor availability

…and more! We believe we are in a unique position to solve all of these problems, specifically for our beloved hobby, and aid in the adoption of the t-plug and a successful initiative. Which brings us to reason #2 why specifically the Airsoft T-Plug (AT)- 

Airsoft T-Plug 3D Render
Airsoft T-Plug 3D Render

2. The risk of T-Plug clones

Not all T-Plugs are created equally. In fact, there are many variations that look and perform similar, but have demonstrated quality and consistency concerns when mixed in the aftermarket airsoft tech space. 

The original XT Deans T-Plug is a phenomenal connector, however rumor is the WS Deans family does not want their trademark involved with an industry that closely relates to firearms (this is only a rumor from another airsoft company that contacted WS Deans, we have not confirmed this theory). Because of this, clones are used on a production scale. 

The problem with clones is the consistency and quality is not equal. Connection issues flood the airsoft space when connectors are mixed because connection tolerances are not the same. One specific case is D14 Airsoft in the US- Stacey and her team were having problems with their charge boards because the boards were created with an XT Deans plug, but Titan batteries (at the time) were using an off brand T-Plug connector. It was this moment in our infancy that we first learned about the choices we need to make when choosing connectors. A wrong choice could affect the plug connections made, causing electrical issues and usability pains for the player. 

Our Airsoft T-Plug (AT) is designed EXACTLY to spec as the, now expired, XT Deans T-Plug, and therefore is exact to the most quality and most consistent plug ever created. In fact, it is 100% compatible, even 0.1% fail rate would not have passed our quality testing. 

We hope the magnitude of this choice in connectors is thoroughly delivered, and push each day to explain that the Airsoft T-Plug (AT) has been constructed to be the industry standard with extreme precision, incredible quality, and second-to-none consistency. 

So let’s talk more about the Airsoft T-Plug (AT)- 

3.Our Plug Solves All Problems


  • Price concerns? We have a set price projected out years in advance. Varying factors beyond manufacturer control will not surprise the manufacturer with increased costs, because we know exactly what price the Airsoft T-Plug (AT) will be for years to come. 
  • Availability worries you? We are having millions of connectors manufactured to promise a zero lead time and same week shipping worldwide, to any company, in any country.
  • Experience quality issues in the past? Or maybe can’t find a consistent connector? That’s because, like many products, there are many clones. Our connector, although technically a clone, follows the exact same design specifications of the now expired Deans XT T-Plug Connector patent, which is the original, best quality, and most consistent connector of all T-Plugs.
  • Can’t meet minimum order quantities? We don’t have any- and the same cost is applied whether purchasing 100 or 100,000.  
  • Shipping location matter? We have strategically placed warehouses in the United States, Europe, and Asia to be able to deliver on a global scale. 
  • Quality control important? We are already having these connectors manufactured and QCed for Titan, the same resources and structure in place is ensuring that the product you receive is compliant and consistent each and every time.
  • Airsoft T-Plugs for all! We will even provide the connector to our biggest competitors, because we believe this initiative is so important for airsoft, and truly feel that each and every person and company has such a great impact on evolving this industry.
  • Connectors will soon be available for purchase. Please contact us for samples requests or further information if either are needed. 

For players and tech shops, check here for more technical details why we should use Airsoft T-Plugs?

In Closing

What we’ve done is create the Airsoft T-Plug Connector- a connector that is backwards compatible with Deans, but is specifically built for airsoft. Our hope is that we can all adopt the same connector and be confident all connectors are compatible. A true new industry standard where all players benefit.

Airsoft T-Plug Initiative promotional image
Airsoft T-Plug Initiative promotional image

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