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A big shout out to G&G Armament!

I has been a while gals and girls, due to the Corona virus the initiative had a short pauze. Manufacturers certainly noticed a drop in orders and logically didn’t give our T-Plug initiative first priority, I guess we were all in surviving mode during this period of lock down. Hopefully everybody is ok, healthy and safe! Hopefully soon all will return back to normal…

Meanwhile we received some great new from G&G Armament, one of the mayor Airsoft manufacturers in the world! We noticed they are upgrading their product line and step up the “electric game” so to say. New models, for example the iconic M1 Garand ETU, comes with pre-installed MOSFET, Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) and wired it from the factory to T-Plugs (deans)!

So this is great news! G&G will introduce T-Plugs on all their new AEG products. So hopefully soon they will introduce T-Plugs to their complete product line and so support our #PlayWithTPlugs initiative even more.

The biggest parties in the world start to switch over to T-Plugs, which is awesome! We keep pushing to make the industry as a whole switch to the far superior T-Plug connectors!

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