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PERUN AIRSOFT supports the Airsoft T-Plug initiative!

Great news today! PERUN AIRSOFT joins the Airsoft T-Plug initiative 🙂

Perun is well known for their high quality aftermarket MOSFET’s. Maybe their most popular product is the “V2 Optical”. The Perun V2 Optical is a device that replaces mechanical contacts in version 2 gearboxes with an electronic circuit based on MOSFET transistors and adds a multitude of new functions to your replica. They also have a popular G&G ETU Upgrade kit.

Perun already received thousands of Airsoft T-Plugs and will use them, from now on, on all their MOSFET’s leaving the factory in Poland. With the support they guarantee seemless compatibility with AEG’s and batteries also using the Airsoft T-Plugs!

The first PERUN V2 Optical MOSFET featuring the Airsoft T-Plug!

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