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More support incoming!

During the setup of the campaign I have been asking around, get some feedback and ask people from the industry for their feedback. Guess what, we received a lot of support and some instantly said to be totally up for this and committed to our campaign. We welcome 3 new manufacturers:

It’s great you are undertaking such an initiative. It will be so convenient to see standardisation in Airsoft, and that it won’t be based on something that melts when you push 20A through it.

Jakub Stopyra – PERUN Airsoft

Also a lot of Media jumped in (Thanks guys!) and we created a special page for Airsoft Tech Shops who also would like to use the official Airsoft T-Plug Connector.

Soon we will start ordering the first batch of Airsoft T-Plug connectors and start shipping worldwide to our partners!

Damn, so looking forward to this! We are almost ready to launch the campaign in June.

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